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Spirituality in the Modern World: one Christian's journey

Christie grew up in what many would consider a Christian home, but her greatest challenge was applying truths from Scripture into life, especially when trying to share these beliefs with her non-Christian friends. This is her story.

"I love photography, it captures the moment forever, and you can share it. It's like sharing an experience with someone! Photography is like my beliefs in that way. I can take what I've discovered and share it with my friends. It's not always easy, but it is possible."

Christie grew up in a Christian home, but this didn't mean all the answers came easily. Especially when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. "My faith is what got me through it, without a doubt.", she said, "You want to do that thing that comes naturally, and that is to question God, why this? Why us? Why my mom? But looking back, I see how my faith was strengthened through this experience."

Two years after the diagnosis, the doctors discovered that the cancer had receded.

"There are no words to describe how ecstatic I felt.", she says. "I knew my mom was gonna be okay." Christie credits their faith in God for not only getting them through the difficult time, but also for her mother's healing. "We should all have someone, something to look to when we face difficult challenges in life. Without a doubt, my faith in God is what I credit with my mom's healing. Our family is happier than ever, thanks to God."

"It always easier to share my faith when I have something personal to share with them. I can say, 'Look it's not just something I've read in a book thousands of years ago, it's something me and my mom lived through.' It definitely helps share my faith, and really makes evangelizing something personal and credible. It always touches the hearts of those I share it with."

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